Reach's mission is to strive without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our service. To be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and value services to our Customers, Employees and Investors.

To our customers we shall endeavor to:

Know our customer's business and interact with them as a partner. Identify and know our value to our customer and anticipate what is required for our customer's success. Develop creative and innovative ways to solve our customer's problems. Be responsive and flexible in providing quality service to our customers. Provide value added solutions and unconditional customer satisfaction to our customers.

To our employees we shall endeavor to:

Recognize the personal and professional worth of each employee by providing a partnership framework that encourages empowerment, personal satisfaction in work accomplished, security, advancement opportunity and means to share in the success of our customer andcompany.

To our investors we shall endeavor to:

Make a fair profit to meet our obligations of a competitive return besides sustaining growth to reach our goals.


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